Consistency Counts

Just like holding it in a forever-long plank, our wellness is a life-long commitment. It's about consistency in your daily life and never neglecting fun and variety to keep you engaged.

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Comic Relief

We don't take ourselves too seriously. We want you meet you we're you're at, help you set your goals and run with you. Most importantly, enjoy the ride!

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Coffee and Conversation

This is what we do. We share. We inspire. We meet up over coffee and have conversations. We hold each other accountable and support each other in real and impactful ways that aren't just another trend.

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Power Up Your Energy + Detoxify

We're less about weight loss and more about improving and maintaining well-balanced energy levels. Power up your body in the right way, which includes detoxifying, and you'll see results.

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Join us on a Journey

We invite you to learn more about holistic wellness -- it's a journey, no doubt. What's holding you back? Tap into the inspiration below, connect with us online or live for learning.

About Us

Empowering All Wellness sprang forth from our personal valleys, or struggles, in health and wellness. It was because we were the…

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Start Your Journey

Getting started is the most important thing you can do. This sometimes requires a leap of faith, especially if you are…

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About Us

Empowering All Wellness sprang forth from our personal valleys, or struggles, in health and wellness. It was because we were the the depths that we began seeking the peaks, believing that there must be a better way. We found it through The Wellness Company. It fuels our own platform, Empowering All Wellness, to share ideas about holistic health and wellness with others and help them along in their journey.


Amanda Kelly, co-founder and life-long fitness enthusiast, was faced with helping her parents simultaneously turn their health around eight years ago. As an only child with a career in event planning that required travel, she was immediately struck by the gravity of their situations. She needed to be there for them physically and financially — her mom, suffering from ovarian cancer, and her dad just coming off of a triple-bypass heart surgery.

When the nurse in the hospital suggested she look at more holistic health options as a way to #1 detoxify her family’s home to ensure her mom’s immune system had a fighting chance #2 help her dad combat cardiovascular disease and risks, she listened.  She is forever grateful to her friends, Heather and Steve, who shared insight on the total wellness concept, which offered her not only affordable, quality products to help in her and her family’s quest, but a financial solution that provided reliable residual income, enabling her to cut back on her travel and be more grounded and available for her parents. Priceless.


Jen Gilhoi, co-founder and life-long learning enthusiast, was pursuing her corporate career when along came her children, now ages 12 and 10. From the first day she dropped her four month old daughter off at daycare, she began to deeply question and feel conflict with her 40hr+/week path and the demands and delights of motherhood. There had to be a better way. For years, getting in a workout over her lunch hour so her after work time could be spent with the kids, was an effective solution. But it wasn’t enough. Eventually, in November of 2012, when the kids were 8 and 6, she left corporate and ventured out on her own. Never had she set out to be an entrepreneur or own her own business, but the freedom and flexibility it allowed were fully addicting.

When she was introduced to The Wellness Company in 2015 by Amanda, she immediately recognized the impact the products could have on her personal health, namely her energy levels. She also loved that she could practice and live in a more health-conscious environment so that her kids would follow-suit and benefit through her example. After a year of incorporating these products and ideas, she then took a look at the financial side, where the attainable financial wellness she sought became apparent. Today, Jen relies on her monthly reliable residual income from The Wellness Company to tolerate the peaks and valleys of financial flow from her 25+hr/week consulting business. Now that’s freedom.