A Discussion About Detoxifying

Why aren’t people talking more about detoxifying? Suzanne Somers is. Remember her? Chrissy on Three’s Company? She might have been overlooked as a silly blonde as Chrissy in the seventies, but now, in 2016, she couldn’t be more serious. In her book, Tox-Sick, From Toxic to Not Sick, she shares countless stories about environmental diseases, new toxic threats and the impact our choices are having on our and our children’s health.

Somers says “Toxins are the invisible enemy. You can’t see them, but they are there wreaking havoc on your health and your environment. We are exposed to more than 6,000 common everyday chemicals, and each alone can lead to a laundry list of possible symptoms. They interfere with the normal physiology of life.”

If you’re shopping with The Wellness Company, you have been able to detoxify your home. That’s a definite start! But what about our existence outside the home? This really hit home during a recent five day family vacation we took — from the dishwashing detergent to cleaning products, I was acutely aware of chemical cleaning smells as we walked into our hotel and cabin accommodations and the toxin-laden cleaning products laid out for our use during our stays. My 13-year-old daughter knows better. She meticulously packs and travels with eco-friendly and chemical-free products for which I am grateful!

So I encourage you to take a look at the research out there, pick up a copy of Tox-Sick and consider making changes in environments we can control and making adjustments to environments we can’t control to make them more manageable. Tox-Sick outlines SIX major toxic threats and empowers you to address them. I am reciting this mantra as of late, “The secret to survival in today’s world is to get your body so chemically unloaded and primed with nutrients that it heals itself.”