Accountability All Comes Back to You

Ninety-one women. Seven days. Seven videos. Four prizes. Amount of fun and learning? Priceless.

Exactly how long do we need to think about making a lifestyle change before we take action? Typically it can be months even years before we commit the time and energy to make a wholehearted drive at change.

What sparks you to flip that switch? Is it because you read a great article or saw a compelling commercial? Maybe your out-of-balance lifestyle is catching up with you, triggering a significant pain point that jolts you into action? Or maybe it’s an online Facebook group that gives you that extra nudge, offers learning and interaction and holds you accountable to start making change happen.

Last week we partnered with Molly Asplin, a fitness coach who’s fantastic with online groups and accountability to create an online Facebook group we called Back to Balance. Wow, did we learn a lot – from Molly and all of the women who chimed in with their questions, stories, ideas and support over the course of the 7-day group. An active participant throughout the week, Natalie S., said,

“The Back to Balance group was fantastic! It helped me get back on track with my personal health journey. The daily check-ins helped keep me accountable. I didn’t want to be the one who didn’t show up for the day! Thanks for the fabulous group!”

The whole experience has caused us pause. We’ve always viewed total wellness as a lifelong journey of learning. We’ve shared wellness ideas with women, men and families and tried to give them the motivation and tools to continue to learn and be consistent with their wellness efforts. But what starts to happen when we connect and get to know each other – online in this case – has our attention.

The first shift that happens is commitment to join the group knowing that you’ll be pushed out of your comfort zone. The second major component of the group is the accountability that comes with the group. We presented daily challenges early each day with a follow-up prompt each evening. The challenges or questions were supported with a video or posted content about a topic so there was context to the conversations.

And finally, the third component – taking action! Depending on where people were in their wellness journeys, their actions varied. For some, finding a workout that fit their preferences, goals and schedule was an outcome. For many, they walked away with meal prep ideas, portion control and healthy snacking ideas to implement. For others, they are now armed with new knowledge to use their essential oils with confidence. And yet others made it a point to choose to fuel their bodies differently – perhaps with pro and prebiotics, fiber, fish oil and supplements that support their lifestyle, wellness challenges and goals.

As Empowering All Wellness the ongoing learning we could provide through this group was a win because we were able to educate and support women looking to take action for their health and wellness! Who wants in on the next one? Let us know with a quick email and we’ll keep you in the loop!