Ditch The Scale: It’s So Freeing!

I used to be obsessed with the scale! I would weigh myself almost daily in high school and
throughout college. I’d feel like a failure and let it ruin my day if that number would rise even a
pound from one day to the next. I was obsessed by that number. My self-worth seemed to be
based on it. It shouldn’t have been. After all, a scale is just a piece of plastic that measures
force, and our relationship to gravity, right?

Aside from my days of disordered eating, I was working out hardcore every day, sometimes even twice a day. Tough fitness classes, running, swimming, boot camp, dryland training… you name it. It was a way for me to feel in control. Ironically, it was the time I felt most out of control.

I was working out way more than I do now and I would push myself extra long if I indulged in
too many treats or carbs. I would stand in the shopping aisles at the store and look for all the
fat-free food I could find. Everything low calorie and low fat, right? But yet I still felt like
garbage. Looking back now, I know exactly why. Because I had an unhealthy relationship with
food, exercise and my own personal self-worth. Truthfully, exercising and eating healthy are
only a fraction of wellness. We often only consider physical health as being the ultimate goal,
but it’s not the entire equation to this total wellness journey.

When I started on my own personal wellness journey eight years ago, it was baby steps. I
certainly didn’t change overnight. Along the way I have learned that total wellness wasn’t just
one way or one thing and that the scale wasn’t usually my friend (at least on a short term basis). Today, I’m taking all of that pain, learning and growth and passing along four valuable tips that may encourage you to ditch the scale too!

A Healthy Mind Is Key: If you were anything like me, the wrong number on the scale could
turn a great week into a terrible one. It’s silly, but I could literally be feeling fantastic about my
success and progress until the moment I got on the scale. And my mood would shift in an instant
depending on the number I saw.

While my mind shift didn’t happen overnight, I began to be more aware of who I surrounded myself
with, the support I received, the books I read, the tips I learned. It was no longer about just what
I put INTO my body or how many hours in the gym I spent, but what I fed my mind. It became
about counting nutrients and not calories. It was about working out because I LOVED my body,
not because I hated it. That mental shift was a huge game changer for me in how I looked at this
wellness journey. I encourage you to focus on how healthy you feel inside and out and work to
improve that instead.

Your Weight Changes Daily: While it’s hard to admit, I was that girl who would some days weigh
herself in the morning and again at night just to see if any weight had dropped after that intense
cardio class, or a two-hour practice in the pool. Sometimes the scale would go up by two pounds or down by a pound and sometimes it didn’t even budge. After all that sweat and hard work and
often skipping meals, nothing changed. Truth be told, the number on the scale is affected by so
many other things that are completely out of our control – time of day, what you’ve had to
eat/drink recently, water weight, stress and even hormones are just a few of them.

The next time you want to hop on the scale, I encourage you to instead measure your waist,
resting heart rate, cardiovascular endurance or blood pressure instead to get a better idea of
where your body is at. Don’t let the scale be the ultimate indicator of your success or failure.

Trust Your Gut: Isn’t the “gut” what we are trying to tone up and the whole reason we are
stepping on the scale? Not in this context. When I say gut, I’m talking about that inner wisdom we have within all of us. The most important indicator, in my opinion, is how you are feeling. The scale won’t tell you if you have more energy or less aches and pains. It won’t tell you if your clothes are fitting better or if you are feeling more confident. Honestly, it doesn’t tell you how strong and talented you are. It
doesn’t know the difference between fat or muscle. It doesn’t measure health. It doesn’t
determine your self-worth either. Quite simply put-the scale doesn’t tell the entire story!

It’s Not About The Number On The Scale: A healthy weight is what is important. I used to
have this number in my head that was my perfect weight. The funny thing is, it had nothing to
do with how healthy I actually was. If I was 10 pounds thinner, it didn’t always mean I had more
energy or felt great in the skin I was in.

Your healthy weight is going to look different than everyone else’s and it will be different at different times in your life. If you continue to eat a generally healthy diet (not perfect, but good) and stay active, your body will find it’s happy place. After all a healthy weight is one that you can maintain long term. And remember that a healthy weight is something you shouldn’t have to kill yourself at to maintain a certain number on the scale. It may not look exactly like the number in your head, but I bet you it will feel better.

New Indicators

I challenge you to hide your scale and not step on it for the next three weeks. Instead focus on using
these indicators as your scale of sorts. 1. How do you feel? 2. Do you have more energy? 3. Are
you regularly moving your body and enjoying the exercising you are doing? 4. Do you feel
stronger? 5. Are you making a healthy decision to nourish your body and eat things that make you
feel good? Those are the types of questions you should be asking yourself.

Feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to start? I encourage you to check out the R3 reboot
that has drastically helped my mindset around food and ditching the scale. It’s a free program
that supports you on reaching your goals, providing motivation and accountability. There are zero restrictions or off-limit foods, no measuring, no macros, no calorie counting and no cutting food groups. There is a focus on intuitive eating and feeling good about ditching the scale in a healthy way.

For those of you not ready to ditch the scale, no worries. Keep it. I believe it’s a great way to
track your progress; just not something you should stand on daily. The challenge is more
focusing on other more important indicators of success and ones that you are more in control of.

If you’re in that place — that place where you are feeling stuck or not sure where to start — it’s okay. Or
perhaps you have an unhealthy obsession with the scale and you know you need to make some
changes in your own health journey — it’s okay. Perhaps you frown seeing yourself in photos or you’re not feeling comfortable in your own skin — it’s okay. I promise you total wellness is a whole lot
simpler than you think. It’s starts with a simple decision to make some small changes for YOU.
To love that beautiful body you live in. It’s the person you become along the journey.

If you’re ready for change, just shoot me a message. It starts with a simple decision to just reach
out and ask questions, learn about resources that are out there and that fit YOU. The
transformation of the mind and body doesn’t happen overnight, but it comes with time and a
little effort too.

By the way, the scale in the photo is from a picture I took in my hotel room while traveling. I personally
don’t own one anymore. I haven’t in years. It doesn’t tell the entire story of ME…. As for you,
well, you are AMAZING. Beautiful. Strong. Healthy. Accomplished. Caring. A number on the
scale shouldn’t determine your self-worth. Never forget that you are capable of achieving great things on your healthy journey too. So ditch the scale and embrace that!

 — Amanda