Exceptional Selections for Better Snacking and Shopping

Making consistently better choices when it comes to nutrition can be hard. There are so many labels to read. So much research to do. So many brands to choose from. And even if we’re highly educated to make a better choice, the appeal of unhealthy options are so prevalent in our society that it can feel like a constant, uphill battle.

We partner with a company that makes holistic wellness changes turn-key. They’ve done the research, created the products and tools to impact every area of yours and your family’s lives. The exceptional selection we have at our fingertips has enabled us to make lasting, long-term changes for the better.

Just recently I embarked on the Fed Up Challenge. It required 10 days of going sugar-free. Do you know how difficult that is to do in America? I took the challenge solo, but incorporated a side challenge to offer better breakfast options for my two kids – 11 and 13. See how I fared here: Fed Up with Sugar. The highlights: I am more sugar-savvy and I lost 6.5 lbs by omitting sugar and using a glucose control product to curb my sugar cravings.

It hit home: food is a family affair. Solid, healthy habits start at a young age, within the home environment. What products are you selecting for your kids at the grocery store? What goes into their lunch box daily? What are they drinking at their sporting events? And don’t forget — how are you as a parent modeling healthy nutrition for them by taking care of yourself?

To answer these questions, we’ll break it down. The online wellness store we shop at has 13 products that are designed for healthy snacking, sports nutrition and healthy weight management. These products are soy-free, gluten-free, GMO-free and contain no artificial sweeteners plus they meet your comprehensive, complex dietary needs and taste great.

In post one of two on the SELECT line, we’ll focus on how you can support your kids’ nutrition and provide them with better options. In post two of two of this line, we’ll hone in on how parents — and really any adult – can benefit from the SELECT line.


Reading labels as I push my cart up and down the grocery store aisles is a task I will choose to bypass any day. If my kids are with, it’s even more difficult to avoid the temptations of clever, appealing designs of processed-food packaging. Whether you pack your kids’ lunches to send to school or you merely want better options at home for healthier breakfasts, smarter snacking or beverages, the SELECT line can be your go-to.

Breakfast Bests: When it comes to getting your kids out the door and ready to rise to the learning and tasks in their school day, the most significant items we look for in comparisons are whole grains vs flour-based, processed grains, additives and sugar (our line at 7g and major competitors at 12g). Our cereal of choice has 34g whole grains, 260mg ALA Omega’s from flax, 5g of protein and 5g of fiber with no cholesterol, preservatives or trans-fats. Not sure what’s in your Cheerios? Check it out here.

Salty Snacking: The savory chips we opt for provide 10 grams of protein and serve as an excellence source of calcium, good source of vitamin C and iron and they are low in cholesterol. They are made from the protein of peas – a genuine superfood with a amino-acid profile. A crunch certainly provides satisfaction, but when you can do so much better than Cheetos and Doritos (which have 2g protein and no vitamins C or iron and other additives), why would you not?

Sweet Snacking: When it comes to sweet snacking, we like that granola bar substitutes in our line provide a 140 calorie snack with 8g of protein, 260mg ALA Omega’s from flax, 140mg sodium and 5g of fiber. With built in ingredients that go beyond just lowering calories to entice, we can ensure our kids are getting a balance of dietary needs met in just one snack bar. Competitors like Nature Valley Protein Bars, for example, while 2g more protein, are higher in calories (190) and sodium (180).

Sports drinks: The entire sports drink category is a confusing one — some are energy boosters with caffeine, others are sugar-laden with the promise of rehydration. Hands-down I am a fan of water, but when water goes up against a sports drink like Gatorade, water loses in my son’s book. For teens the label and brand are an important part of their choice.

The SELECT line alternative to Gatorade is Sustain, a sports performance hydration drink. Let’s compare. One 20 oz. bottle of Gatorade has 130 calories and provides 270mg of sodium, 75mg of potassium and 34 grams of sugar, which is mostly made up of a mixture of dextrose and sucrose sugars. Sustain, available in canisters or individual packs for on-the-go mixing, has 25 calories and provides four electrolytes, B and C vitamins, 65mg of sodium, 25mg of potassium and 6 grams of sugar.

Know you have choices. Know we can empower each other and our kids by providing them with better options and educating them of the why behind the options you’re providing. And know that we can help you on this journey.

Start with small changes that are full of impact and be consistent. Look for our next blog post, where we’ll dive into the Select line to help parents role model healthy nutrition!