Fall Into Self-Love

With each season, nature provides us with an opportunity to create positive change. Just like nature has her unique seasons and natural changes, as human beings we also have that opportunity to change, make positive shifts and align with what we desire more of in our lives.

Since we are now full into Fall, it’s an important time to reflect upon your achievements over the past year, reflecting on the individual seasons in your life, as well as focusing forward on what you desire in this next season of your life.

One thing that I personally feel is fundamental in life is to create a strong self-love foundation; the most important and longest relationship you will ever have in your life is with yourself. In order to continuously grow your self-love foundation, it’s important to have an ever-evolving and growing self-love practice. When working with women, I constantly tell them: “It’s a self-love practice, not a self-love perfect.” So, when creating your own self-love practice, make it work for you and focus on the areas that you desire to put into “practice” in this current season of your life.

Here are three things you can do this Fall to create your own personal self-love practice and fall into self-love:

1. Release: What feelings or thoughts can you release?

When we go into Fall, we see beautiful changes in nature. One of my favorites is seeing the leaves turn magnificent colors, release from the trees and gently float to the ground. Let this act of nature serve as your permission to release thoughts and feelings that aren’t serving you. The more you hold onto them, the more they become a part of you. If they feel *icky,* that’s an opportunity to create awareness, honor the feeling and release it. You can release it gently like a leaf slowly falling to the ground OR fiercely like a leaf taking off in a energetic windstorm. Either way, release it.

Some things you can release are negative thoughts, heavy attachments, disempowering feelings about your body, life or career. You get to decide what you want to release.

Write it down. What would you like to release this Fall?

Once you have written this down, you can cross it all out, crumple up the paper, safely burn it, rip it up and throw it away.

2. Explore: What does self-love feel like to you?

I could say define self-love, but sometimes with definitions we get a little strict and don’t allow ourselves the flexibility to create our own meaning and therefore don’t start the practice. Since we are all at different seasons in our individual lives, it’s important for you to think about what more self-love would feel like in your body and life.

Write it down in a journal. What does self-Love feel like to you?

This is for you. Write it somewhere where you can see it, add to it, and read it daily.

3. Take Inspired Action: Create your Self-Love Practice.

The beauty of having your own individual self-love practice is that you get to choose what you would like to incorporate into it. If you look back at your list of of how self-love feels to you, make sure your actions are aligned with how you would like to feel.

There’s no right or wrong answer or way of putting together your self-love practice. It’s a practice, you figure it out while you go. Maybe you want to incorporate reading a book on personal development (or a favorite topic) for 15 minutes a day, taking a nightly/weekly bubble bath, moving your body in nature, practicing yoga daily, or eating a nourishing breakfast – you get to choose what works for you. It’s also important to remember that it doesn’t have to be an all day activity, the goal is to work to create a stronger, healthier and more positive relationship with yourself, not a structured to-do list.

Write it down.
What are 20 things you would like to incorporate into your personal self-love practice?

(FYI, I’m asking you to write down 20 so you have some to choose from and by giving you the power of choice, you will naturally align with the things that light you up the most.) Choose one or two to help you get started on your personal daily self-love practice.

Self-Love is often the most desired feeling and a key foundational component in creating a healthier lifestyle, yet it’s the least practiced life changing activity.

This Fall, create some time to fall back in love with yourself and your life by walking through the recommendations above and adding in what you feel would be helpful for YOU to continuously develop a deeper relationship with yourself.

— Empowering All Guest Author, Nicole Marie Baker, The Naturalita

Nicole partners with health seeking women to create a more “Naturalita” life. It’s all about developing inspired goals, creating a strong holistic health focused foundation for an individual’s personal journey, transforming their health and creating the energized and adventurous life they love. More on Nicole and her Guide to Shine on her website The Naturalita!