Feels So Sweet To Have A Healthy Heartbeat

Peak Performance Pack

It’s the month of love and National Heart Health Month and the Go Red for Women movement are in full swing so it’s very fitting to talk about having a healthy heart. Did you know that heart disease is the #1 killer for women in the U.S.? Scary, huh? Fortunately, we can help to change that statistic because we know that 80% of heart-related issues may be prevented with education, action and healthy living!

In addition to tackling stress and focusing on healthy nutrition, we want to pass along one daily practice that helps us maintain a healthy heart. It’s what we call a Pink Pack of Perfection. We take this pack of supplementations in the morning and evening. It’s dynamic for supporting every system in the body and created to reduce the two biological markers of aging. Do you know what those two markers are?

They are free-radical activity and inflammation. Free radicals and inflammation are considered the root causes of a number of degenerative health conditions including heart disease, cancer, auto immune, fibromyalgia, weight gain, etc. Inflammation, the body’s response to protect itself from harm, comes in two types: acute and chronic. For the purposes of the packs, we’re talking about chronic inflammation and for the purpose of our heart discussion, we’re talking about atherosclerosis — the buildup of fatty, cholesterol-rich plaque, which can lead to blood clots that are responsible for the majority of heart attacks and strokes.

Free Radicals

As you breathe, exercise, digest food or move about in your everyday routine, you are producing free radicals. You can encounter free radicals through environmental factors such as sunlight, cigarette smoke, unhealthy foods, pollution and toxins in our cleaners and everyday personal products.

There are trillions of cells in your body and every second of the day, each cell of your body has to fend off about 35,000 free radicals. Left unchecked, that free radical damage can add up quick, so it’s essential to get enough of the healthy antioxidants to ward off free radicals. Getting healthy antioxidants can come from eating a wide variety of antioxidant rich foods such as fruits and veggies, although they aren’t always easy or available. Often the quantities you would have to eat to get the antioxidant support you need are far too much in a given day. In addition, modern farming practices have depleted many of the nutrients that you would have received through consuming the same foods 50-60 years ago. That’s why doctors recommend supplementing with optimal antioxidant support to reduce your exposure to free radicals. By doing so, you can actually add years to your life and life to your years.

What’s In The Pink Pack of Perfection?

The pink pack of supplements we’re referring to is also known as Peak Performance. It’s been scientifically proven and twice patented to substantially reduce free-radical activity in the body and aid in absorption on a cellular level. The supplements work by binding minerals to organic proteins and fibers inside the body, letting your body recognize them the way it would a whole food source — just like in nature. The absorption factor is key when you consider that the majority of supplements are received in the body as a foreign object due to their synthetic base. This means that they pass through the body and can cause more harm than good.

The pack’s patented technology delivers a much higher rate of absorption. Everything you need for the day is in this pack including your multi-vitamin, omegas (mental health), grape seed extract (blood vessel support / blood pressure levels), glucosamine (healthy joints) and probiotics (gut health). And since our favorite wellness store is the world’s leader in natural heart health solutions, it’s no surprise there is a specific packet for heart health too, which includes a CoQ10, Phytomega for lowering blood pressure, and ProvexCV to help with normal blood pressure levels.

Heart-healthy Benefits

The pink pack also helps reduce heartbeats per minute. A low resting heart rate indicates your heart doesn’t have to work too hard to pump blood. It means that lowering your heart rate could actually help lower your risk of death, particularly from heart disease. You also can cut your chances of getting diabetes and heart disease in half while you’re increasing your lifespan.

Two important commissioned studies show that within 60 minutes of taking these supplements, subjects show reduced inflammation and free-radical activity. They also cite improved muscle recovery time, lowered blood pressure, lowered heart rate, reduced blood sugar spikes, improved heart health, and improved metabolic health and cellular health. And because Peak Performance supports every system, your body is better able to fight off colds and infections at all levels. You might also notice you’re sleeping better and waking up with great energy — we do!

Vitality You’ll LOVE

The pink packs come with a 90-day challenge: if you take them for 90 days and you don’t feel more energy, endurance or increased results, you can get your money back, no risk. We challenge you to add more energy and vitality to your life and actually enjoy this thing called life. We’d love to share it with you — reach out to find out more about living a heart-healthy life!