Where’s Your #HappyPlace? 

Acceptance, love and upward movement, or progress, is at the heart of this month of love. These themes give us some areas to focus on our own quality growth in February. What are you beating yourself up over? Can you let it go? ….just a little? Where can you find room to love yourself and be true to what you need? I mean, really listen then act (which might actually mean not acting, slowing down). Then consider, how do these actions propel you upward?

If you need to make time to ponder your 2016 wellness goals, we recommend finding your happy place. In 2016, we’re all about happy places, so yes, we put it on a mug (courtesy of my dear Aunt Rose, AIA Branding Strategies) and hashtagged the concept. Fitting because The Wellness Company just launched their line of Mountain Cabin Speciality Drinks that includes coffee (organic, of course!), Caramel Apple Cider and Luxe Vanilla Cappuccino and more! Check them out, order a few up and find your #HappyPlace then report back in on our newly launched social media channels!