Immunity With A Capital I

When the calendar flips to cold and flu season, it’s easy to talk about immunity. We might be thinking about it preventatively and getting flu shots or we might take more steps to prevent the spread of germs like washing our hands. A lot.

Or you might be like me five years ago, before I was more on top of my daily and annual immunity game. Five years ago I had no gauge of how foods, vitamins or minerals contribute to immunity building. No idea if I was getting enough vitamin c or zinc. No idea that 85% of immunity is all about what’s going on in your gut. No reference of the immediate and highly effective benefits of essential oils.

Five years ago, this had me in a pattern of work really hard, take on stress with not many healthy outlets, become sleep deprived and then, wham!, I’d be instantly miserable with some sort of cold. The cold would always progress to sinuses then a chest cold, taking 3-4 weeks to kick. How could others who came down common cold symptoms bounce back so quickly? What was wrong with me?

This pattern of progressing, lingering colds was the case about four winters ago. I drove to CVS Pharmacy in frigid cold to see if I could get a minute clinic appointment and a Z-pac of antibiotics after weeks of hoping to kick a cold on my own to no avail. I was in tears and exhausted. Anyone else been there? The pac helped, but I was still not satisfied that my body couldn’t overcome a common cold prescription-free.

One significant thing happened about two months later. I met Amanda Kelly, Empowering All co-founder, and she shared a better way to beat the common cold and so much more. We talked about total and preventive wellness, including immunity, over many coffees and conversations (actually, I had coffee, she came equipped with her daily nutrient-packed shake).

As I took a step back to look at my health and patterns year-round, I realized that in addition to Nov-Jan flu season, I had to be extra vigilant in May and late August due to my environmental allergies. I also discovered that once I already had a cold, amping up vitamin c and zinc a few days in was too late or at any rate, less effective.

Fast-forward to the past few years and my approach to total wellness and immunity. It includes top priorities of getting enough sleep, de-stressing and drinking water. I’ve also implemented daily practices of supplementation, working out – like really getting strong!, understanding how critical gut health is (fiber, pre and probiotics), getting rid of toxins (see our Home Sweet Non-toxic Home blog here), and having immediate impact tools from teas to essential oils (like Eucalyptus, as a sinus opener).

Last winter, nothing slowed me down! This past fall, after the kids went back to school and started bringing all the lovely germ-sharing in, I did get a cold. I recognized the symptoms more quickly, immediately took myself out (rescheduling meetings, etc) for a day of rest and increased water intake (with a few drops of lemon essential oil as an immunity booster). Within three days I was back to nearly 100%. Prescription-free too. Total wellness for the win!

— Reach out and we can get you building your Immunity with a capital I!