New Year. New You?

I stopped making New Year’s resolutions over a decade ago. While the timing is definitely right for renewal and recommitting, resolutions are the epitome of unmet expectations. It’s almost laughable in our society — from the gym membership we pledge to use starting Jan 1 to the millions of self-help books that fly off of Amazon Prime’s shelves. That’s the hope and love of self that’s unstoppable.

But is there a different mindset we can have? Can you channel your energy that you have right now for renewal and make permanent and impactful change?

To guide you in answering, here are some self-eval questions to consider:

1. Am I grateful for who and what I am at this very moment? Change stems from a desire to alter something we don’t like about ourselves or we believe could be improved upon. That’s okay, but embracing positivity will get you much farther than dwelling on the negative.

2. How do I stay motivated? Do I announce to the world, “My New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight”? Accountability is great — you should share your goals with others. Consider the language you use surrounding goal-setting moving away from “losing weight” to something like, “I’m on a journey to becoming my best self.” It certainly intrigues people more and it will motivate you to discover what that means to you.

3. Do I go too big? Being kind to yourself and recognizing that the smallest things when done consistently, can have the most monumental, lasting impact. Small successes breed larger overall success, so bite off only what you think you can handle. Then be kind and forgiving of yourself. Tweak as needed and keep trying.