Power to the Parent: Three Select Tips

Last week, we highlighted Exceptional Selections for Better Shopping and Snacking with a focus on nutrition for our kids. This week, we’re highlighting exceptional selections again, but this time with parents in mind.

Let’s face it. As a parent, your time is limited. Somedays you are just lucky to get out the door with matching shoes and a cup of coffee in your hand. You are the Uber driver that doesn’t get paid a cent. And, often, your own personal health gets puts on the back burner as you play chauffeur from one event to another. Thoughts about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, maintain your blood sugar, or just snack smarter get put on the back burner.

We’d like to help you bring your health to the forefront. We offer peace of mind with SELECT options that fit into your lifestyle for weight management, healthy snacking and sports nutrition (respectively detailed below: coffee, snacks and protein). You can integrate healthy options with optimal benefits that taste great — all at an affordable price. The SELECT line appeals to so many who seek soy-free, gluten-free, GMO-free, and no artificial sweeteners to meet their dietary needs. Even for those without sensitivities, it’s simply a clean line that anyone can enjoy.


For those parents with coffee at the foundation of the food pyramid, you will be happy to know that you can add a single scoop of SELECT GC Control to help you get the nutrition you need while on the go. This is integration at its finest: a jolt of caffeine + antioxidants + blood sugar management.

This beverage naturally helps you control carb and sugar cravings while managing your metabolism and weight too. Plus it features 10g of organic pea protein and sweetened with organic stevia. Presto: your morning cup of coffee just turned into a healthy version of a mocha! Another bonus: you don’t have to worry about those unnecessary sugars that creep in on those foo-foo drinks at your coffee shop.


If you aren’t a morning coffee or tea drinker, but need to bolt out the door, don’t skip grabbing something to eat to get your metabolism working. We like to select the SELECT Attain Nutrition Bar with patented crave blocker that tells your brain that your stomach is full. They naturally address the root causes of hunger cravings and help control them at the source to support healthy weight loss. They’re also bursting with gluten-free rolled oats, cocoa, and roasted peanuts and evaporated cane juice, brown rice syrup and organic sugar. Ummm.. these snacks taste great and come in many varieties so you can crave less and keep your snack selections interesting, never boring.


As a parent, keeping your energy levels up is key. Proper nutrition, rest (ha, right!) and making better choices daily will help you make exercise a priority as it should be. So many times it falls by the wayside, but by making it a priority while your kids are 0-10, hugely pays off when you find yourself that much older and trying to take back your workout routine and activity.

We love SELECT Ultra-Performance Protein Shake, which delivers 30g of fast-absorbing whey protein and 6.75g of BCAAs, plus casein and calcium in a low-fat formula that’s sweetened with dutch cocoa powder and organic stevia extract. Plus, it’s half the cost of Muscle Milk and other similar options so you can keep the pocket book in check too.

These are just three examples of the 13 products in the SELECT line. In our previous post, we highlighted the savory chips and sports drink. In addition, your options within this line include protein, snack, nutrition (crave-curbing) bars, intelligent mixes for soluble/insoluble fiber intake as well as weight management and sports nutrition.


So parents, remember the flight attendant spiel about securing your own oxygen mask first before assisting others? Similarly, fuel your body, mind and spirit first so you can be your best parent possible for your kids!