Rock Your 2018 in Real Life

For many of us, real life looks like this: it rushes by at lightning speed, with our energies directed at so many things other than our own self care: career, family, friends and endless commitments all require us to give ‘til it hurts. Many people run on empty and don’t notice they’re depleted until something in their health goes sideways. Or they look in the mirror and hardly recognize the person they’ve become.

Is this you? Are you ready to hit the reset button?

Jen and Amanda, co founders of Empowering All, have experienced first-hand the impact that nourishing our body with real food and quality supplements can have on our overall health. We’ve both reset ourselves. Our experiences have led us to team up to share our passion with you and our best tips. Our first venture into this in 2018 is an invitation to you.

As an empowered community, we invite you to join a program developed by Susan Torborg, B.S. Exercise Science, called R3: Reset, Reintroduce, Real Life. Susan is a personal trainer and wellness coach who designed a program for clean eating that resets the body’s metabolism stimulates weight loss. The program runs for six weeks and is broken down by two-week increments that focus on the following concepts: Reset, Reintroduce, Real Life. Participants have seen on average 5-12% total body weight loss over six weeks, but most importantly this program sets you up for lifetime success because it integrates clean eating into real life.

Do you accept the challenge? Will 2018 can be your year to make a positive impact in your health journey?

Here’s what R3 entails:

RESET: Weeks 1-2

Reset your sugar consumption. We’ve all been there. You’re walking down the grocery store aisle and you spot a bag a bag of chocolate-covered pretzels (or if you’re me, it’s the Twizzler Nibs or Swedish Fish) that you just can’t leave without. Sugar cravings can cause real and chronic problems for many people. Finding a life-long solution isn’t as simple as it may seem. This reset is your opportunity to curb the cravings and make better choices for a healthier body overall. We’ll also share how hormones, stress, blood sugar and habits all play a role in these cravings to create broader awareness in what’s happening in the body so you can boost up your defenses!


Reintroduce certain foods. You will learn to eliminate certain foods and reintroduce them into your diet in a healthy way that doesn’t negate all of the work you did in weeks 1-2 to reset the body.

REAL LIFE: Weeks 5-6

Here’s where you take what you learned in weeks 1-4 and make it work for you long-term. You’ll continue with the reintroduce concept, learning how to maintain with a few “cheat” meals so that your daily eating and drinking habits are attainable given your lifestyle.

Our Take:

We love this plan because it resets your mind and body but it is not as restrictive as some other elimination programs out there that work short-term, but place you back to square one at the program’s end. R3’s goal is to change your habits for the better in a lasting way that is not about deprivation, rather true nourishment.

As Susan leads the program, Empowering All will track with the group program and host our own content on Facebook and Instagram, along with private WhatsApp group accountability and motivation. Our tips will build on Susan’s with simple tweaks you can make to your daily routine and habits that can help, like incorporating fiber to slow the absorption of sugar and balance blood sugar. You will enjoy complete meals that contain protein, fat and fiber to prevent a fast crash. And yes, there will be smoothie recipes! You’ll also get food for your mind to help calm your stress and and anxiety.

Are you IN?  Are you ready to Rock R3 in 2018? If so, email us here and we’ll send you a copy of the plan via email so you can begin to meal plan and shop now to gear up for participating in this program, kicking off January 9th. There will be several times to see webinars that will help you get started. If you live in the Twin Cities area, there is an in-person event on January 9th that’s free and just requires an RSVP. Let us know of your interest, and we’ll get you the info!

— Cheers to rocking it in real life! — Amanda and Jen