Tap Into Community to Access the Universe

Why go it alone when you can harness the power of community to achieve your goals? It’s never been easier to tap into communities to practice accountability and benefit from alignment through those around you in real life and online. If you’ve had success achieving personal or professional goals that you can attribute to your sharing the journey with others, you’ve witnessed community at work in its most positive sense of the word.

To help us think more deeply about how community may transform you, here’s a breakdown of two aspects of community we value at Empowering All Wellness: accountability and alignment.


I’m an avid believer in accountability. In fact, it’s been at work within me for 3.5 years. It started with the recognition that solo attempts to reach a personal goal continued to fail. I knew the path. I was educated on the solution, but staying inside of my own head and myself was my biggest roadblock in achieving real and permanent change. I needed to become vulnerable, admit my shortcomings and ask for help.

By opening up and sharing my challenges, I found meaningful long-term success. I started to employ this accountability model to all areas of my life. Today, I make a habit of finding an accountability partner when undertaking any meaningful task (see our Sept blog: Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone With An Accountability Partner).

As Empowering All, we use in person meetings, goal setting, vision boards, texting, social media (Facebook private groups like our Back to Balance group — see the recap here) and coming together to share an experience at an event or a yoga class, for example.

Are you open to working with an accountability partner? If you haven’t explored it, may we suggest that it’s time to test it out?


We’re all given gifts. Some of us realize these at a young age and for others it takes many years. When it comes to connecting your gifts to your livelihood or career, landing on ultimate alignment can be a long journey. Your best route to discovering your gifts is to surround yourself with others who can help draw them out and connect them to opportunities.

A fulfilling fit can be elusive, especially if you are driven and committed to one path and missing key signs from the universe to pivot or make modifications. Surrounding yourself with a community that can be both your advocate and honest voice in this process will help you reach meaningful answers.

Community can be defined as your friends and family, physical environment and surroundings, your co-workers and any group or collaborative effort you contribute to or consume. For example, I recently joined the Modern Well community, an inspired co-opportunity for women, as an avenue to more intentionally pursue my writing. Many of the members are writers, i.e. beloved Minnesota author, Lorna Landvik, has been a source of inspiration for writing workshops. Lorna’s books including Mayor of the Universe, are rooted in creative exploration of ourselves and imagining our place in the world, due to or despite our given lot or surroundings. To jog my memory, I ran to consult my bookshelf and it turns out I have read four of her novels (pictured here). On many levels, I’ve been listening to the universe for quite some time as it guided me to this community.

Hopefully you are blessed with many examples of community in your life that benefits you and others to the positive. As Empowering All, we align around health and wellness goals as a community. The by-product of these relationships, our involvement and contributions is increased results as we reach for our goals and an overall happiness that fulfills us inside and out.

What types of communities are you a part of? Have you found your tribe? Are there ways you can tap into a community to help you more greatly align your gifts in your personal and professional life?

The Empowering Story

No doubt there are many ways to tap into accountability. Work with a partner. Put pen to paper. Calendar your time. Show up for yourself and others. Text. Talk. Meet in person. Have difficult conversations. Next consider alignment. Surround yourself with a positive environment. Be vulnerable. Gain and earn trust. Share passionately. Connect openly. We like to think of accountability as the micro-scale internal work and alignment as the macro-scale/ hello universe work. You need both to craft your story.

Connect with us if you’re curious about the ways we’ve been able to channel accountability and alignment in our lives. We’d love to set you on a good path. We also want to hit home the idea that YOU are the one doing to the work — you need to show up for yourself and others. When you do, you’ll be living your best life NOW!