The Window of Weight Gain

There’s a little five-week window between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve when it may be more of a challenge to stay on track with our wellness goals. Heck, we might just throw caution to the wind and succumb to the holiday indulgence with a promise to ourselves to get back on track January 1. That’s what New Year’s Resolutions are for, right?

Wrong. That might have worked in our teens and twenties, but five weeks of unchecked nutrition and unhealthy habits in our forties plus can find us in a hole so deep that even the most solid resolution might not find us free of holiday poundage until June or worse yet, never. So this year, we want to offer you an alternate approach: an offense. Instead of keeping a constant vigil, denying yourself all the holiday treats and dining with friends and family, focus more on what you can do to keep your mind and spirit nourished. The body will follow.


Our offense starts with a mind that is sound, rested and as stress-free as possible. The tools by which to achieve this are not a mystery — get plenty of sleep (at least eight hours), practice self-love, forgiveness and kindness; breathe deeply daily to move through moments that present challenges and talk through alternative action plans with a trusted advisor to limit stress or potentially stressful situations.


A continued offense takes flight in a soaring spirit. A spirit that is fed is open to learning and new directions. The holidays tend to heighten everything we’re feeling, leaving most people incredibly high or woefully low. So this holiday, we turn to more intentional ways to focus on our spiritual selves like yoga, meditation and reflective readings whether religious or aspirational in nature. Often times this is a very personal journey, but we’re suggesting that there are additional ways to do this among women in a supportive, inspirational way.


Now to the third part of the MBS trilogy, the body. While we are not suggesting you neglect your workout routine or activity, we do acknowledge that during the holidays we may be more apt to be out of our routine due to travel, more celebrations, family and work obligations; and more caloric temptations. That’s okay — be creative in your activity approaches (instead of a lunch with a friend, take a brisk walk around the lake) and rely on your mind and spirit strengthening efforts more.

At Empowering All, we like to hit the reset button often and the holidays are the perfect time to do that. During this five-week window Thanksgiving through New Year’s, we’ll be kicking it off with mind and spirit nurturing activities. Throughout the season, we’ll support our group with conversations and ways to move toward our goals for wellness of mind, body and spirit. Come NYE, we’ll be oh so happy that we didn’t open that window wide for weight gain. If you’re up for some holiday offense, email Jen and Amanda to find out more today!