Wellness Whys

The first question we ask when it comes to wellness is What’s your wellness why? We ask this because the key to your success in your wellness journey is uncovering your key motivator. When you follow a path and whole-heartedly dive into finding the answer at the core, placing this why at the forefront of your journey makes a night and day difference in the consistency you’re able to apply and the meaningful impact you’re able to create.

Wellness Whys
Amanda Kelly
My empowered journey truly began in 2009, when both of my parents landed in the hospital at the same time. Faced with immediate health and financial concerns as the decision-maker for our family, it was then that I became intentional about making changes that were safe, smart and effective for all of us. But, I realized I couldn’t do it alone. Thus our Empowering All Wellness community began. My Why? I want to educate and mentor others to create better health and wealth — when I see others succeed, it’s truly fulfilling for me! Don’t look back, only forward to creating your best life possible — who’s with me on this journey?



Jennifer Gilhoi
My empowered life began in 2014, when I truly took on my own personal journey of wellness — mind, body and spirit. To me, empowerment means making my own choices, facing my fears and overcoming them — getting out of the way of myself, essentially! I discovered it is so much easier to do this when surrounded by others who share the same passions — it just keeps getting better. My Why? I want to be a good role model for my kids when it comes to holistic wellness — I want to financially provide for them and actually be with them (not at a desk job) and experience life together while doing so!


Missy Wilson
When generally thinking about health, wellness and simply the betterment of myself/others, I ask myself the question “why not?” My inner-dialogue boldly states: I am provided with the strength, given the opportunities, and have the ability to touch another soul (especially my own) in a variety of ways. Every. Single. Day. Further personal reflections have me grappling with many questions including Who might I impact? Who might I be able to bless with this gift? Potentially no one. But perhaps, someone. My Why? I want to educate others on what is possible in their life and provide meaningful resources to achieve it, especially when it comes to wellness! I’m passionate about leaving a minimal carbon footprint and living life to the fullest extent by diversifying personal activities, sharing experiences with others.


Tammy JoliCoeur
I began my wellness journey in March of 2016. I am married to a Army Veteran and I have five wonderful children. I’m a caretaker at home and at my job where I work with Veterans at the Minnesota Veterans Home in Minneapolis. When a means to achieve a total concept of wellness was introduced to me, I embraced it because I knew I could help myself and others too! After taking a first step for the benefit of my family by removing the toxins from my home, I looked in the mirror and said, “You have to take care of yourself so you can take care of others.” As a full-time caregiver, I continue to improve my health and I love that I now have more energy to take others with me. My Why? I want to help others live the life they dream of — to be healthy, active, and have the freedom to pursue their dreams.


Natalie_Ziegler_PhotoNatalie Zeigler
I have always had a passion for health and wellness, but it was multiplied exponentially in 2012. I was pregnant with my first child and was introduced to the Empowering All Community. I began to realize how everything not only impacted me, but also my little one. Through this community and research my family has created an even healthier lifestyle. I continue to learn everyday about what we encounter for toxins on a daily basis. This has fueled my passion to not only improve my life but to improve the lives of those around me. My Why? I want to empower others to take that next step to a healthier more active lifestyle, a safer home environment and to achieve financial freedom.


Daina_Lowe_Photo_editedDaina Lowe
I am at a turning point in my life in which I have a desire to find out who I am, where I belong and what defines me. In my journey to become closer to Christ, to create some new friendships and focus on being healthier for myself and my kids, a friend of mine hinted about the Empowering All community. I could see a positive transformation taking place in her life and I wanted to know more. Now I do. I have reconnected with more friends, overcome fear of reaching out and detoxified my home from the inside out. I have my son on quality supplementation. And each and every day I am encouraged! My Why? I am enjoying this journey that God has placed before me and I feel blessed that I am surrounded with positive people. I’m on a mission to enhance the lives of others by simply educating and sharing!

Erin Sparacino
I started a new chapter in my life when I became pregnant with our first child in 2011. After years of struggling with infertility and other health issues, God said it was time for new blessings and new adventures. My husband and I began reading about the effects of various toxins that are hiding in our everyday home and body products. We wanted to build a healthy family and lead by example right from the start. Through the ups and downs, learning experiences and struggles, I grew in my faith, my understanding of His grace, and my thankfulness for His mercy. My Why? I want to be able to serve the Lord, guide my family and care for others. By building up our family in daily, healthy ways, we find more joy, more energy, more strength to support each other and reach out to lift up others in their spiritual and wellness journeys too.


Amber Barrios
A lifelong sports enthusiast, I had always understood the importance of physical wellness. While working as a newspaper reporter specializing in health and wellness topics, I became more aware of the presence of toxins in everything from household cleaners to personal care products to produce. I wanted better, natural solutions for my young children, husband and myself. When I became a stay-at-home mom, I had to be very thrifty in order to make ends meet. I learned to coupon, which helped some, but I just couldn’t bring myself to buy toxin-laden items simply because I could get them cheap or free. Thankfully, a friend introduced me to the Empowering All community in 2013. I finally was able to achieve optimal wellness for my whole family on a tight budget, plus attain financial stability simply by sharing information with others. My Why? Living a healthy lifestyle allows me to maintain my focus on my family and my ministry and to have a reliable extra stream of income. The benefits I’ve experienced are too great to keep to myself, so I enjoy sharing with others whenever I can.


Jana Murdock Smith
In 2007, I started exhibiting an odd combination of medical ailments (Raynaud’s phenomenon, edema, telangiectasia). Two years later after our wedding and deciding we wanted to have children, I finally decided to see a specialist. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called scleroderma. In the past few years, other disorders have been added: fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, anxiety and pleurisy. I have been told many seemingly devastating things about what my medical future holds, but I decided immediately after my initial diagnosis that this disease will not dictate who I am. It will not steal my vigor for life. And it hasn’t! Instead being “sick” has spurred me to discover the possibility that environmental factors may be the causation for some of my newer diagnoses.  My Why? I want to be the healthiest version of me that I can be; for myself, for my children, and for my husband. I also want to share knowledge of the dangerous toxins that are polluting our homes and our bodies in hopes of freeing other families from toxin-induced illnesses.


April Janes
I am loving my newfound path to wellness where I’ve discovered an exciting new energy and zest for life. I have lost several pounds recently (weight that I have been hanging onto for years), and as an added bonus I have fingernails that are strong and beautiful. This is a big deal because in 55 years I have never had nails like this! I  love the opportunity to serve my community, my church, and help others be the best version of themselves. My Why? It all started with an openness to say “yes” to a new way of living and embracing the total wellness concept that the Empowering All community provided. I am continually learning from so many others in this community everyday to be a better version of me – spiritually, physically, personally and financially. And I can’t wait to help others experience this in the months and years to come too!


Kathy Petersen
On my wellness journey I’ve discovered an inner determination that has truly risen to the top in the past three years. It has allowed me to embrace a total wellness concept. Having another baby caused me to be concerned with all that my kids could get into in my house. It inspired me to make some changes. It started with just a few cleaning products to detox my home, then I started an intense workout regimen at Lifetime Fitness. This led to cleaner eating, which led to cleaning out my pantry and overall household products. My Why? I want to inspire my family and friends to embrace wellness like I have and sharing the wonderful lifestyle changes we have made in our home is a great place to start the conversation. I always remind myself and those I share wellness with that It all started with an openness to change!


 Karry Tierney
I have always had a passion for wellness ever since I can remember. As a collegiate athlete I gave my body the “GOOD” it deserved. As a mom I’ve continued those practices, but at some point I could no longer afford it. When I discovered an affordable way to meet our wellness goals in 2014, things changed. My oldest struggled with constipation since infancy, and I immediately noticed a difference when I started her on a fiber supplement. My race training spiked with Peak Performance – improving my workouts, recovery and energy level! My Why? To inspire others to create their own balance in life. Whether you are a single mom, married, kids or no kids; it is important that we take the time to balance our minds, bodies and life. Through the Empowering All Community and my openness to what each individual has to offer, I’ve taken risks. I have more capacity for self love, which directly makes me a better mom. It’s all about creating your balance.

Susan Pelofske
I was always a very sick child. Lots of ear infections, bronchitis and pneumonia. I am allergic to house dust, which is everywhere, and cats, which were our pets when I was growing up. I used to obsess over cleaning everything, constantly. A few years ago, I started to use more natural, and healthier cleaning products. I think that has really helped me and my family, as we are not exposed to the chemicals that are in so many cleaning products. So many of the healthier products are so expensive and hard to keep buying, so it’s nice to have this affordable option. My Why? I want to be able to do the things for my kids (and eventually my grandkids) that I haven’t always been able to do. My kids are getting older, and I’d like to be able to share not only these products, but also a way that they could do this for themselves when they are ready. I love helping people, so this just fits!