Who’s on Your Wellness Journey with You?

We talk a lot about accountability as a driving factor for success. And if you’ve read, Taking People with You: The Only Way to Make Big Things Happen (by David Novak), you probably know that sharing your goals and vision with others can propel you way beyond your own inner voice.

This June, considering sharing your wellness goals with someone. Novak asserts that bringing out the best in others fuels your fire exponentially. Who might you inspire and share wellness with?

May 12-15 provided three days of learning, sharing and celebrating wellness at the annual convention and Awards Gala. We had the opportunity to share, with 5,000 others, in this experience that was truly enriching. We learned from others, talked with the research and development scientists behind the company’s line of 500 products and celebrated achievements with people committed to improving the lives of themselves and their families.